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I'll write the full book in your voice. This full-service option covers everything from the initial idea to the final submission to agents and publishers.

My ghostwriting services are completely confidential and require minimum effort on your part.

Here's the short version of what I'll do for you:

  • Complete a Readiness Review.

  • Gather Information. We'll conduct one or more interview sessions to establish the scope and vision of the book, transfer notes and knowledge, and determine who's responsible for gathering further info, if needed.

  • Perform a Structural Edit. I'll organize and focus your book to eliminate gaps, tangents, redundancies, and other structural problems. This creates an outline that becomes the backbone of the book.

  • Draft the Book. I'll write the book in your voice and style. I'll do one chapter at a time, get feedback from you, and revise until you're happy. Then we'll go to the next chapter.

  • Line Edit the Book. Go through the book line-by-line to add richness, depth, and music to the writing—and to make sure every word sounds like you wrote it yourself.

  • Proofread the Book. I'll send the book to a third-party proofreader to catch any small grammar, punctuation, or formatting errors.

  • Produce a Book Proposal.

  • Finalize and Deliver Your Book. You're now ready to submit to agents, publishers, or self-publishing services.

About 6 months

From $29,995

Final fee determined by the project's complexity, required effort, and deadlines


Readiness Review

If you have project notes or a book in progress, I'll read your material and generate a 3–5 page written report that:

  • ​Provides a detailed analysis of the project

  • Identifies your book's greatest strengths and biggest issues

  • Targets high-level market strategies

  • Makes prioritized, actionable recommendations you can use as a road map to optimize the book for agents, editors, publishers, and readers

1-2 weeks


Readiness Review is included in all full-service Ghostwriting projects


Book Proposal

Books are sold with compelling, detailed proposals full of specific information that publishing pros will be looking for. Even if your book itself is perfect, it's doomed to the recycling bin without a great proposal.

I'll create a professional proposal that will make your book shine to the people that matter. It will include:

  • The first 2–3 finished chapters of your book

  • A synopsis of your book

  • A detailed marketing and promotions plan

  • An assessment of your competition in the current market

  • An author biography

  • A personalized query letter

  • Presentation in industry-standard format that separates your proposal from those of amateur writers

1 month


A Book Proposal is included in all full-service Ghostwriting projects


Book Coaching

A book coach is a publishing industry insider who helps you do everything on your book except the actual writing.

I'll meet with you over video conference on a schedule that works around your life—up to 3 hours per week and 12 per month. During that time, I'll help with any of the following, and more:

  • Identifying the best source material and research to include

  • Developing a book outline

  • Setting a master schedule and deadlines

  • Providing pointed feedback on chapters as you write them

  • Identifying smart edits to improve your writing

  • Answering your questions about writing and editing to avoid common pitfalls

  • Navigating the publishing process

  • Staying motivated, focused on your goals, and faithful to your deadlines

  • Providing moral support to overcome writing roadblocks

You can end the coaching engagement at any time. Or, if life gets busy and you need a break, we'll pause the project until you're ready to pick it back up.



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